Disclosure Policy

1.Our basic stance on disclosure

To offer timely and accurate information and provide fair disclosure to all of our shareholders and prospective investors, we update our company information in compliance with the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Timely Disclosure Rules. We also actively supply investors with information that we think may be useful when making an investment decision about our firm. By releasing this information through our website, we can maintain its timely and fair disclosure, and we can make our business reports available to shareholders to keep them updated on our earnings and the status of our businesses.

2.Method of disclosure

In compliance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, we make our annual securities reports, quarterly reports, and extraordinary reports available on the Finance Services Agency’s EDINET system, which allows our shareholders and investors to view such documents online.
Furthermore, any information that is required to be disclosed under the Timely Disclosure Rules is released on TDnet (a timely disclosure update system), as well as made available to media organizations via press clubs at the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Kabuto Press Club) and Osaka Securities Exchange.
For other information that is not required to be disclosed under the Timely Disclosure Rules, we still seek to provide information that we think could be useful for an investment decision in a speedy and fair manner, keeping consistent with the spirit of the Timely Disclosure Rules.
Information made publicly available on TDnet is also made available on our website soon after it has been also released to media organizations.

3.Regarding our outlooks

Earnings forecasts and other forward-looking statements in our tanshin financial reports and other disclosed materials include forward-looking forecasts and strategy. Besides historical facts, the latter are also based on certain assumptions, and could ultimately differ substantially from actual results. For this reason, we ask investors not to rely solely on the information provided here when making an investment decision.

4.Quiet period

To prevent leaks of earnings-related information and ensure fair disclosure of such information, our firm observes quiet periods beginning on the day following the end of a reporting period and lasting through the earnings announcement date. During this time, we do not respond to questions regarding earnings, nor issue comments. However, if it becomes clear during a quiet period that the difference between actual and projected results is of a magnitude that requires follow-up disclosure, earnings forecast revisions will be made via press release and other means, in the manner discussed in No. 2 above.

5.Regarding the accuracy of information on the website

Although our firm makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of information on this website, we do not guarantee and will not be liable or responsible for the accuracy of any information on this website.
We urge investors to also refer to the important information provided on the EDINET and TDnet websites and other channels.