SDG Initiatives

SDG Declaration

Achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) is a shared challenge for all Japan System Techniques employees, and, through the ICT services and solutions which we create and provide, we are helping to address the increasing complicated challenges facing society.

July 27,2021
President and CEO
 Takeaki Hirabayashi

About the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

The sustainable development goals, comprised of 17 goals and 169 targets, were adopted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit held in 2015.
The SDGs constitute an action plan for ending poverty, protecting the earth and enabling all people to enjoy peace and prosperity, and their achievement requires the entire world to take action, making it more important than ever that companies fulfill their responsibilities to society.

Initiatives for Addressing Sustainability Priority Issues

Creating Safe, Healthy and Employee-friendly Workplaces

In order to promote more defined sustainability activities, we have identified those issues, out of a variety of different issues, which are particularly important and should be focused on as priority issues, and we have also clarified how each of these issues relates to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Industry and ICT Innovation

JAST Overall Operations

  • Making society a better place by creating and providing new types of IT services
  • Our basic management policy is to maintain a completely independent position, unaffiliated with any industrial group, so that we can continually pursue technological innovation, regardless of industry, technical field, platform, etc., while remaining free to engage in development work within a wide range of fields; thus, our business endeavors, in and of themselves, help to better society.
  • Supporting the structural transformation of industry with ICT
  • Distribution, manufacturing, finance, telecommunications…we target every area of business in every industry with integrated services that encompass everything from systems solutions to application development, operation and maintenance.
  • Contributing to co-creation and cooperative system establishment and ecosystem transformation
  • By working alongside customers to come up with new business models to address challenges, along with using digital transformation (DX) to achieve business transformation which goes beyond the industry status quo, we facilitate new value creation aimed at creating value for business and society.
  • Working in solidarity with Group and partner companies
  • We work in solidarity with cooperating companies, Group companies and partner companies to develop and deliver new business models.

Support for ICT-driven Learning Activities

GAKUEN Business

  • Providing a comprehensive solution in building the future of universities
  • The GAKUEN Series serves as a total support platform to higher education institutions as they seek to fundamentally cultivate and promote the future development of society through the execution of their essential education and research functions.
  • ICT-driven, high-quality classroom support and technology-based education
  • We support a diverse array of education methods through our system, including course learning, quizzes, class materials distribution, and real-time collection of test and questionnaire responses in order to facilitate class interactivity.
  • Facilitating improved educational quality through the use of educational big data
  • We provide services which support institutional research (IR) at universities, leading to improved educational quality.
  • Realization of recurrent education (lifelong learning) environments
  • We provide a platform for facilitating recurrent education (lifelong learning), including professional development reeducation and retraining.
  • AI and IoT research development aimed at the digitalization of education
  • We provide AI-based timetable systems and IoT platform systems for visualizing congested conditions.
  • Providing new services for Generation Z
  • We will create new added value in line with the needs of Generation Z by embracing collaboration with startups and student ventures.

Contribution to Health Care Cost Optimization and Health Promotion

Medical Big Data Business

  • Using medical big data to contribute to health care cost optimization for insurers and promotion of the health of the insured
  • In the face of the increasing health care costs associated with medical technology advancement and declining birthrates and an aging population nationwide, we facilitate the comprehensive utilization and promotion of medical big data as a means of helping keep down health care costs and, thereby, assist insurers, who bear the majority of health care costs, in achieving their mission of “optimizing health care costs and promoting the health of the insured.”
  • Joint research efforts with academia and others to help find solutions to address disease, including infectious diseases, and medical challenges
  • Infectious diseases and medical challenges have a significant impact on individual health and lifestyles and impede efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Consequently, we will pursue initiatives conceived to solve these challenges by developing new technologies and techniques for improving the quality of health care through joint research. In addition, we will work to realize a sustainable society while contributing to the training of health care professionals and the improvement of the health and lifestyles of people worldwide by actively publicizing the findings of joint research in Japan and beyond.
  • Open-sourcing medical big data
  • We’re working to open-source the medical big data in our possession. By open-sourcing statistical summaries of anonymized medical big data, it’s possible to improve the sharing and transparency of medical data and to facilitate the provision of more effective health care services. This approach offers new potential in the drive to improve health care quality and resolve societal issues while contributing to initiatives to realize the SDGs.

Information Systems Integration Package-based Efficiency Enhancement of Financial Operations

BankNeo Business

  • Contributing to society via information systems integration package business aimed at financial institutions
  • Our BankNeo Series comprehensively delivers and supports a variety of CRM/SFA-focused solutions and the industry’s first sales productivity improvement support system, as well as facilitates digitization and systematization, leading to greater efficiency of financial operations and the realization of significant business results.

Contribution to Enterprise Transformation via Digitalization Promotion

Cashless service for employee cafeterias and offices

  • For offices which use IC employee ID card and security cards, we provide cashless settlement services which contribute to greater operational efficiency and the realization of more employee-friendly work environment. We’re also helping “cut food losses” by installing food reservation systems, optimizing manufacturing quantities, and improving forecast precision.

“mieHR” human resources data platform

  • This job-type management (task/skill definition and visualization/analysis) service facilitates human resources operations, including human resources development, placement, transfer and hiring. By enabling organizational and personal data visualization, this platform contributes to organizational development and improved service quality.

Office DX -Facial recognition-based attendance recording-

  • This cloud-based work attendance record-keeping system which utilizes facial recognition contributes to better ways of working, such as telework.

Health management initiatives

Health management

  • Health management promotion
  • In line with our company philosophy, we pursue human resources development management, and part of this involves health management which is focused on developing and growing business fundamentally tied to employee health promotion and improved work motivation. Below are some of the initiatives we undertake. Additionally, JAST has been certified as a Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (large enterprise category).
  • Promotion of regular health examinations and multiphasic health screenings
  • We endeavor to maintain a 100% regular health examination rate and to ensure a 100% re-examination rate. In addition, we’re working in partnership with health insurance societies to improve employee participation in specific health guidance (collaborative health), and we offer a subsidy to female employees to offset the cost of gynecological examinations.
  • Elimination of long working hours
  • With the aim of ensuring employees can effectively utilize their personal time, and of fostering a more relaxed workplace environment, we implement our own, independent labor practices program called “Kaeru! JAST”*.

    *This independently established labor practices program has been in place at JAST since the 2009 fiscal year and is built around rules which, among other things, limit the amount of monthly overtime employees can work and mandate face-to-face consultations with a physician for employees who work more than a set number of hours.

  • Communication promotion initiatives (e.g., events)
  • We host a variety of events, such as family interaction events and volunteer activity events.
  • Physical and mental health promotion
  • We analyze work attendance data to identify anyone who may be at high risk and then promptly follow up with them. In addition, we’re working to improve employees’ health literacy by hosting walking events designed to alleviate the lack of exercise resulting from telework, and by hosting training sessions to help employees quit smoking and access mental health care and communicating associated information.

Provision of Learning Opportunities

  • A robust in-house training system (e.g., in-house professional certification programs)
  • We maintain a robust training system which enables us, as a company, to identify those personnel who possess the expertise and skills necessary to project implementation as well as DX and other skills and to clearly recognize them via in-house professional certification programs and other means. In addition, we’re undertaking initiatives to inventory skills on a regular basis and improve them through recurrent education.
  • Internships (providing students with systems engineering work experience)
  • We provide internships which allow students to experience first-hand the joys and difficulties of being a systems engineer.
  • Supporting education and learning through systems development
  • We support education and learning through a variety of systems development, including the creation of on-line content delivery websites for childcare workers and kindergarten teachers to provide them with training focused on improving childcare quality and expertise, and the development of systems which analyze on-line applications and past participant data for certification examinations in order to facilitate the creation of new services and of finding ways to improve user convenience.

Diversity Initiatives

  • Hiring and fair treatment without consideration of race, nationality, gender, etc.
  • Considerations of race, nationality, gender, etc., play no part in our hiring or in how we treat our employees.
  • A variety of in-house systems for supporting a variety of work styles
  • We make possible a variety of work styles by maintaining a variety of in-house support systems, including programs that encourage employees to utilize paid time-off and allow them to take time off to celebrate personally meaningful milestones, a childcare leave system made equally available to men and women, a dormitory system which considers those hired from far away, a post-retirement hiring system, a re-employment system, and a telework system which expands the scope of the workplace.
  • Contract with “Work Happiness Farm” run by S-POOL Plus Inc.
  • We employ staff with disabilities and provide them with challenging and rewarding work growing farm vegetables. In addition, we donate the vegetables to children’s welfare facilities, children’s cafeterias, and other organizations.

Environmental Load Mitigation

  • Initiatives to promote paperless offices via DX promotion
  • We pursue the realization of paperless offices through the digitalization of office processes, including paper document digitalization and the introduction of electronic contracts.
  • Initiatives to address environmental issues in our offices, data centers and elsewhere
  • Both our Osaka and Tokyo Head Offices are located in buildings designed with energy conservation in mind. The Osaka Head Office has been selected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as part of its “Model Project for Promoting CO2 Reduction in Housing and Building,” while the Tokyo Head Office has been certified at Level 2 of the “Environment/Energy Excellent Architecture Certification Mark System.”