To our shareholders and prospective investors


We aim to achieve further growth by rolling out enterprising IT based on our slogan of “Launch the Future.”

Takeaki Hirabayashi
President and CEO
Japan System Techniques Co., Ltd.

Our Group was founded as a software company in 1973, when the IT industry was still in its infancy. We launched our business believing in the idea of “making society a better place by creating and providing new types of IT services.” Since that time, we have taken on development projects in a wide variety of areas, unconstrained by industry, technology, or platform as a completely independent IT company not affiliated with any other corporate groups. Today, in addition to integrated services that encompass everything from systems proposal to systems development, operation and architecture, we also develop products under our own brand, including the GAKUEN series, which holds the top market share among strategic management systems for universities, JMICS, our medical information service, and BankNeo, our information systems integration package business aimed at financial institutions.

The environment surrounding IT is currently changing at a staggering rate, driven by the promotion of DX (digital transformation) and accelerating technological innovation, as well as by the pandemic and emerging geopolitical risks. Amidst this changing environment, the JAST Group continues to pursue its medium and long-term basic management principles, annually updating our three-year medium-term management plan, which includes the current fiscal year, and drawing up a vision for our corporate image, brand image, areas of activity, scope of business and more, as we pursue policies adapted to the changing needs of customers, technology and the market.

On April 4, 2022, JAST transferred to the Prime Market on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers, shareholders and stakeholders, because this would not have been possible without your support. We will aim for further growth by rolling out enterprising IT to pursue new markets while leveraging the technologies and know-how we have cultivated up to now. As we move forward, your continued support and input is greatly appreciated.

Basic Management Principles

Our basic management philosophy is that everything starts with principles. We believe that having a management philosophy is essential for running a company and that making sure our thoughts and actions adhere to this philosophy in everything we do is of utmost importance. Put simply, our basic management philosophy follows what Mencius once said: that “fame and fortune (jinshaku) follows naturally for those who gain nature’s nobility (tenshaku).” Tenshaku means developing one’s character or moral code by sticking steadfastly to one’s personal morals, doctrine or rules. Virtuous people who do just that gain respect and trust over time and eventually attain nature’s nobility. Jinshaku, meanwhile, refers to status that is man-made or granted expediently by superiors or organizations in recognition of one’s achievements or experience.
One who earns nature’s nobility (tenshaku) eventually wins the respect of peers (jinshaku), but there are many people working under the false assumption that winning votes from peers entitles one to receive nature’s nobility. This is getting the order of things completely wrong. One who achieves both tenshaku and jinshaku is a success in the truest sense of the word.

For example, if one thinks and acts based on impure motives, self-interest, arrogance or cold calculations of gain and loss, they might become successful briefly, but any such success (jinshaku) is unlikely to last. Ultimately, the path to tenshaku, or righteousness, requires following a moral compass when taking on meaningful tasks. Success comes to those who maintain a strong sense of altruism and choose to act ethically.
Based on this thinking, our company has tried to live by the idea of making society a better place by creating and providing new types of IT services. Our basic management policy has been to maintain a completely independent position, unaffiliated with any industrial group, so that we can continually pursue technological innovation, regardless of industry, technical field, platform, etc., while remaining free to engage in development work within a wide range of fields.

Sticking to this policy, we aim for a win-win relationship between our company and our clients, shareholders, employees, and society at large. Our goal is to maximize value for each of these four key stakeholders. We aim to achieve stable growth by raising corporate value overall.
What drives such growth is the passion for IT systems development that our employees feel, as well as their sincerity in dealing with clients. To achieve this, learning how to add a human touch is crucial for our employees, and our management approach reflects that by focusing on helping them become better people.

Major Business

Our Group has redefined its business from a DX standpoint, resulting in a restructuring of our reportable segments for fiscal year 2023 onward into four: DX&SI business, package business, medical big data business and global business.

Our DX&SI business integrates traditional software business with system sales business, shifting to “co-creation DX” aimed at creating value together with customers as their business transformation partner while maintaining an emphasis on the existing revenue base of SI.

In our package business, we have GAKUEN and now BankNeo in our brand as we pursue development of comprehensive, package systems-centered DX services and a clear growth strategy.

For medical big data business, we are focused on our JMICS automated electronic health insurance claims checking and analysis system and other, related services which help with health care cost optimization by insurers and contribute to health promotion for the insured.

In our global business, which treats overseas business as an independent segment, we support customer DX via consultations about ERP product introduction, pursue widespread overseas adoption of AGHRM cloud-based human resources management solutions, and engage in other business aimed at making the JAST Group a one-stop-shop for ASEAN and Japanese companies seeking support with their global expansion and DX.

The breakdown of FY3/23 sales by business segment is as follows:

Dividend Policy

Our basic policy for dividends is to achieve stable growth over the long term. We will decide on specific policies and amounts based on earnings trends, financial conditions and other environmental factors, while taking into consideration the payout ratio. Additionally, in regard to retained earnings, we hope to invest effectively in things like development of professional human resources, creation of new businesses, promotion of various alliances and R&D on new products.

We will continue our basic policy of treating record dates for paying dividends to shareholders of record as March 31 and September 30 but leave open the option of paying out dividends on other dates as well.