CSR Initiatives

JAST Sustainability and CSR

At the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, an action plan was adopted which advocates 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) and 169 targets for ending poverty, protecting the earth and enabling all people to enjoy peace and prosperity. Achieving the SDGs requires the entire world to take action, making it more important than ever that companies fulfill their responsibilities to society.
At JAST our corporate and management philosophy dovetails with the pursuit of a “sustainable society,” since our very business of creating and providing ICT services and solutions helps to address the increasingly complicated challenges facing society.
Additionally, as a longstanding CSR initiative, we have incorporated the Seven Key Principles and Seven Core Subjects of the ISO 26000 international standards into our business operations. Moreover, we have obtained environmental management system-related ISO 14001 certification and are, thus, continually running through the PDCA cycle, as well as ensuring the continuation and improvement of sustainability priority issue initiatives within the PDCA cycle.

JAST CSR Activities and Core Subjects

Our corporate philosophy involves “making society a better place by creating and providing new types of IT services,” and, thus, we pursue what is best for our four key stakeholders: our customers, our shareholders, our employees and society.

ISO 26000 Core Subjects JAST Initiatives
Organizational governance
  • Strengthening of corporate governance
  • Continuous operation and improvement of internal control systems
  • Establishment of a risk management system
  • Dialog with stakeholders
Human rights
  • Respect for human rights and prohibition of discrimination
  • Management activities conforming to ISO 14001
  • Promotion of energy-saving efforts in offices
Labor practices
  • Promotion of work-life balance
  • Promotion of diversity
  • Regular improvement activities by the Occupational Safety and Health Committee
  • Health management initiatives
Fair operating practices
  • Fostering a compliance-oriented mindset (regular awareness-raising training)
Consumer issues
  • Obtaining ISO 9001 and personal information protection management system (P mark) certification
Community involvement and development
  • Community cleanup activities
  • Bell mark, eco-cap collection activities
  • Donations (money and materials)
  • Volunteer activities (support for disaster-affected areas)