Information Security Initiatives

Information Security Policy

In order to ensure that all of the information assets handled by JAST are kept safe from various threats which may arise, we have established an “Information Security Policy” which all JAST corporate officers and employees, as well as employees at associated companies, are familiarized with, and we ensure compliance with information asset-related rules, regulations and standards within an information security system for the sake of improved customer satisfaction and benefit to society.

Information Security Initiatives
We recognize information security as our most important business priority and work together as a company to ensure it.
Construction of an Information Security Management System
We will construct an information security management system which satisfies our customers and earns the trust of society.
Development of Internal Rules and Regulations
We will create rules and regulations based upon our Information Security Policy which we will implement, maintain and continually seek to improve.
Compliance with Laws and Ordinances
We shall enforce compliance with rules and regulations which conform with laws, ordinances, and other norms.
Implementation of Auditing
We shall conduct regular information security-related internal audits and shall take steps to address any threats or vulnerabilities which are identified.
Implementation of Education
We shall provide information security-related education regularly and on an ongoing basis to our employees and corporate officers, as well as to the employees at associated companies.
Handling of Incidents and Issues
In the event of a security-related incident, we shall take action to minimize damage, to quickly identify the cause and to prevent a reoccurrence.

Our Information Security Management System is certified (ISO 27001), operating and being improved upon company-wide.

ISO 27001 certification registration information (Available in Japanese only)

Establishment of the Japan System Techniques Security Incident Response Team – “JAST-SIRT”

JAST-SIRT is the internal CSIRT for Japan System Techniques, which provides information technology in all fields of society, including manufacturing, distribution, finance, public services, schools, communications, transportation, health care and sports.

In the face of rising cyber-attack risks in recent years, JAST-SIRT works to protect the personal and confidential information possessed by JAST, as well as enhance the business continuity capacity of IT infrastructure, in order to increase customer satisfaction and contribute to the betterment of society.


・Construction of an information sharing and incident response system within JAST-SIRT that utilizes cross-functional coordination.
・Strengthening of preventive safety by being quick to obtain and share in-house information about cyber-threats.
・Implementation of triage and ex post facto control following a cybersecurity incident.
・Planning and implementation of response training which anticipates the abovementioned.

Member of the Nippon CSIRT Association

JAST-SIRT is a member of the Nippon CSIRT Association and engages in inter-organizational cybersecurity-related information sharing.

the Nippon CSIRT Association


Reporting contact office

Please send cybersecurity-related incident reports and notifications to the email address below.
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