About this site

About this site

This website is managed and operated by Japan System Techniques Co., Ltd. (JAST). We reserve the right to revise or delete content or URLs contained on this website without advance warning. We may also revise this usage policy without advance notice. In the event that we do revise this policy, you will need to agree to the revised terms of usage. We thank you for your cooperation.
Please contact us via the inquiry form (click here) if you wish to display any part of this website or its content in a magazine, book, or advertisement, or reproduce the content of this website on a CD-ROM or other recording media.
We do not guarantee the accuracy of the website text and content saved on our servers. We do not take any responsibility in the event that information contained within is incorrect. Please also be aware that we reserve the right to modify or take down the information on this server without advance warning.

Materials on this website subject to copyright protection

Unless specified otherwise, the copyright for all information provided on this website, as well as the company logo, trademark, videos, or images belongs to JAST. Copyright protection of these items, as well as conditions for their usage, are outlined below.
1. Display, reproduction, and printouts of this website are allowed for personal use, so long as they are not disseminated for viewing by third parties or used for commercial purposes. However, alteration of the content is not permitted. It is also forbidden to erase any information regarding copyrights even if the material is being used for personal use.
2. Any other use than that prescribed above must be authorized in writing, and reuse, reproduction, and redistribution is permissible only after you have received official permission from our firm. However, we do not approve the use of our materials in a way that is likely to create a false impression with the end-user.

Regarding links to our website

Linking to our website requires advance permission from our firm. Before linking to our website, please contact us via the inquiry form (click here) to request permission to do so. Please note, however, that we accept no responsibility whatsoever for the content of third-party websites that have linked to our home page.
We do not accept links from the following websites.
1. Links from websites that have made libelous statements about our firms’ business or services, or those whose statements could damage the trust that we have earned from our clients.
2. Links from websites that contain material offensive to public order and morals.
3. Links from websites that display illegal content, or those which are involved (or thought to be involved) in illegal activities.
4. Links from websites that make it unclear that the content is coming from our website (for example, those that use frames).
5. Links from websites where it is unclear who is operating and managing the website; websites operated by persons using pseudonyms; or websites being managed by a third party.
Note that even if we authorize links from your website, we reserve the right to request deletion of such links at a later date if we deem it necessary.


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Other browser functions

Some pages on our website require JavaScript, CSS, and cookies to provide you with information. Although we have made efforts to ensure that the contents of these pages are still useable even if you have disabled these functions, please be aware that some pages may fail to display properly, or usability may be impaired.